34 Wild NFL Crimes You Haven't Heard About

The armada of American athletics has incurred 399 arrests since 2006

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Adam Jones, September 23rd, 2013
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Adam Jones, September 23rd, 2013

Jones was arraigned last month in his eighth incident since 2005, which leads all active players. The Bengals cornerback was given a disorderly conduct citation for making offensive comments to police (while drunk!) during a traffic stop, and in June, he was arrested for allegedly punching a woman outside a Cincinnati bar (a judge found him not guilty on October 8th). Both arrests are window dressing compared to the infamous 2007 NBA All-Star Game shooting, wherein Jones grabbed a stripper by her hair and pounded her skull against the ground for picking up money that he had thrown down himself. In the ensuing melee, one of Jones' associates returned to the club with a handgun and shot three people.