20 Lost Kim Kardashian Pop Culture Moments

From 'CSI' to cupcake mix, the lesser-known exploits of a ubiquitous star

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Deena Confronts Kim on 'H8R'

For only four episodes in 2011, Mario Lopez hosted H8R, a show on the CW where celebrities met with, of course, their "biggest haters." Kim appeared in the same episode as family friend and Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and confronted a woman named Deena who felt that Kim was appropriating black culture with her "fake booty" and relationships with African-American men. The appearance is notable for the open dialogue between the pair on race and appropriation. "I one billion percent rep my Armenian community," she tells Deena. "Just because you've seen a few people who have been high-profile and black, I don't feel like it's really my responsibility to rep his culture when I don't know a lot about it."

In the end, the conversation turns to the conversation of invisibility. "People have given me shit for my shape since I was young, and it's hard dealing with that sometimes," Deena reveals. "I think you and Beyoncé have kind of opened up that world for people like us who have voluptuous shapes."

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