15 Times Bill Cosby Was a Huge Hypocrite

Comedian's entire career is full of examples where his public statements stand in stark contrast to his alleged crimes

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"Tough Love"

When Cosby's own daughter struggled with drug addiction in the 1980s, he called her selfish. In a 1989 interview with the LA Times, he defended his "tough love" approach in response to her battle:

"This particular daughter appears to be the only one who is really very selfish. It isn't that we hang our heads or that we're embarrassed by this, because we've been living with this person who knows that her problem isn't cocaine or alcohol. I think that she's a child who has refused to take responsibility for supporting herself. . . She never finishes anything. She uses her boyfriends. She wants the finer things but she can't stand anybody else's dirt, which is important. Developmentally, she's still around 11 years old. The problem isn't alcohol or drugs – at the rehab center her urine showed up negative. It's behavioral. She's very stubborn."

1989 is the same year Erinn talked to her father about the Mike Tyson encounter.

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