15 Times Bill Cosby Was a Huge Hypocrite

Comedian's entire career is full of examples where his public statements stand in stark contrast to his alleged crimes

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Role Model
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Role Model

In a 1969 Playboy interview, Cosby talked about how he planned to leave show business to become a teacher because poor kids lack good role models. "I plan to teach in a junior high school, which is where kids become glandularly aware of being male and female," he said. "Early adolescence is a very difficult time of life for ghetto kids, because people to look up to, like I said earlier, are scarce in a poor neighborhood. . .I'd want to show kids there are black heroes to be proud of, so they have a different kind of cat to look up to. Because, let's face it, most of the black people we admire are running that race or hitting that ball or dribbling it down-court. And so black girls hope to marry a guy who'll become a professional athlete."

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