10 Best Video Games of 2013

'The Stanley Parable'

The Stanley Parable
Courtesy of Galactic Cafe

All games are, in a sense, smoke and mirrors: Like a movie or novel, there's usually only one path through the narrative. Players are often presented the illusion of choice, but like a choose-your-own-adventure book, the options only exist to tease a few more hours of gameplay, not present an alternative story that radically changes the experience. The Stanley Parable begs players from the beginning to fight an omniscient narrator – not with swords and spells or guns and bullets, but with contrarian choice. While there are six "endings," exploring the consequences of turning left when you're told to turn right – of choosing to do what you want instead of what the game tells you between start and finish – creates dozens of minor yet interesting changes. The Stanley Parable is a must-have for anyone compelled by the future of gaming. Trust us – you've never played anything like it before.

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