• adam mca yauch

    Namaste and Gratitude to Adam Yauch
    May 4, 6:20 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Namaste to Adam Yauch, the guy who taught me and so many other fans the word. It wasn't just this Beastie Boy's wild-style humor and gruff voice that made hi... | More »

  • chevy chase community

    The Feud Between Chevy Chase and 'Community'
    April 27, 11:30 AM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Is this the end of Chevy? People have been asking this question for as long as Chevy Chase has been around. Even when he was burning through his one and only season on Saturday Night Live, they were doing gags about how the rest of the cast despised him. And now he's raging his way out of Community in a blaze of bilious glory, declaring, "It's just a fucking mediocre sitcom! I want people to laugh, and this isn't funny."

    | More »

  • The Power of Lena Dunham's 'Girls'
    April 13, 11:55 AM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Can anyone touch Lena Dunham for sheer cringe power? As the writer, director and star of HBO's Girls, the 25-year-old comic auteur brilliantly sums up the miseries of youth: drugs, diseases, abortions, disastrous jobs, worse sex, doing a Google search on "stuff that gets up around the sides of condoms." Girls has some of the depressingest sex scenes you've ever witnessed. And the post-coital fallout is even worse. When Dunham goes in to get tested for an STD, her gynecologist sighs, "You couldn't pay me enough to be 24 again." Dunham cracks, "Well, they're not paying me at all."

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  • Pulp Make Triumphant U.S. Return at Radio City Music Hall
    April 11, 12:55 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Well, that was excellent. Pulp played New York’s Radio City Music Hall last night, the first American gig of the reunion tour they began almost a year ago, and t... | More »

  • Season of the Imp: Peter Dinklage Owns the Sword-and-Sex 'Game of Thrones'
    March 29, 3:00 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    "Death is so boring," Tyrion Lannister says with a sigh early on in the new season of Game of Thrones. But that just means he sees too much of it. Indeed, you barely get a minute in before a knight is facedown in a puddle of blood, and it doesn't take long before the dead guy has plenty of other mutilated corpses to keep him company. But none of it ever gets boring.

    | More »

  • mad men

    'Mad Men' Returns: Who Knew Don Draper Was a True Believer?
    March 19, 1:45 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    When we last saw Don Draper, he was in bed with a woman he barely knew. And while in many ways that might seem like a typical day at the office for this guy, this woman was wearing his engagement ring. The same diamond ring that Lt. Don Draper put on Anna's finger all those years ago, and the ring that represents yet another one of the former Dick Whitman's attempts to make a fresh start. That's what makes Don Draper such a quintessential American fool, and helps explain our obsession with him. Every American wants a clean slate, but nobody wants to lose what they've got.

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  • 'Game Change' and Politics as Reality TV
    March 2, 4:35 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    There's a great scene toward the end of HBO's Game Change, the controversial and shamelessly entertaining movie about Sarah Palin and the 2008 presidential campaign, starring Julianne Moore as the Wasilla Windbag. A few of John McCain's advisers hit the hotel bar on Election Eve, drowning their sorrows, cursing the day Palin came on board to capsize the campaign. Woody Harrelson, as McCain's top strategist, Steve Schmidt, complains that it wasn't a campaign at all – it was just a "reality show."

    | More »

  • In Memory of the Cute One: Davy Jones' Greatest Musical Moments
    February 29, 4:20 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Davy Jones was the grooviest of the Monkees, which makes him one of the grooviest pop stars who ever existed. He was the best dancer in the Monkees, the Cute One, the ... | More »

  • billy crystal oscars

    Thanks for Trying, Billy Crystal
    February 27, 10:20 AM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Why does Chris Rock ever not host the Oscars? True, any number of people could have done a livelier job than Billy Crystal last night, including Seymour Cassel (how pu... | More »

  • Happy 30th Birthday to 'The Blue Mask,' Lou Reed's Solo Masterpiece
    February 24, 3:30 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Happy 30th birthday to Lou Reed’s solo masterpiece, The Blue Mask, which he released on February 24th, 1982. Everybody has a favorite Lou phase – some peop... | More »

  • Tina Fey and the Cult of Liz Lemon
    February 17, 11:55 AM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    As 30 Rock gets off to a rip-roaring start this season, the question looms larger than ever: Is Tina Fey's Liz Lemon the most bizarrely nonimitated sitcom character of our time? It's a mystery that gets stranger as Fey keeps blowing up as a cultural icon. Given how she's turned into such a fiercely revered, identified-with, hero-worshipped presence, you'd think somebody would at least try to duplicate the formula. At this point, she's practically Oprah with librarian glasses.

    | More »

  • Twelve Favorite Whitney Houston Songs
    February 13, 3:10 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    "You Give Good Love" (1985)Summer, 1985: "You Give Good Love" introduces the world to Whitney Houston, a great pop singer with the voice of a great soul singer. This... | More »

  • Live-Blogging the 2012 Grammy Awards
    February 10, 3:15 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    Rob Sheffield will once again live-blog the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12th. The festivities start at 7:30 p.m. EST and launch into high gear as the ceremony... | More »

  • Long Odds and a Last Shot
    January 30, 12:45 PM ET
    | Rob Sheffield

    There's an old W.C. Fields movie where he's playing poker with a brand-new sucker, who asks, "Is this a game of chance?" Fields assures him, "Not the way I play it." A true American motto, and it could be the epigraph for HBO's Luck.

    | More »


Rob Sheffield

Rob Sheffield is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, where he writes about music, TV and pop culture. He is the author of two books, Talking To Girls About Duran Duran and Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time.

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