Horses, Guns and Drugs: Country Music's 10 Wildest Stories

From Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw's wild ride to Willie Nelson's White House high

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Bill Monroe Goes Bible Thumping
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Bill Monroe Goes Bible Thumping

Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music, was also well-versed in gospel music, but one event in his personal life involving a bible proved troublesome for the Grand Ole Opry legend. On May 1st, 1989, the 77-year-old entertainer was arrested, charged with assault and battery after an ex-girlfriend alleged that during a visit to his home north of Nashville to retrieve personal items, Monroe struck her in the face with a bible. The woman claimed that she was attempting to get Monroe to swear on the Good Book that he had not been seeing other women during their time together, but the exchange quickly escalated. The woman alleged Monroe also knocked her down, kicked and choked her and twisted her arm. Ten days later, however, the charges against Monroe were dismissed and the "Uncle Pen" writer avoided jail time. 

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