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  • Tremors

    Tremors | ALBUM REVIEW

    "I died a week ago/There's nothing left": So begins "The Wheel," a standout on the first full-length album from hoodie-loving Vienna-via-U.K. singer-songwriter-producer Sohn, a.k.a. Toph Taylor. Like a soulman version of OG selfie pioneer Cindy Sherman, Sohn...

    April 17, 2014 5:10 PM ET
  • Quack

    Quack | ALBUM REVIEW

    Like the takeout goop they're named for, turntablist-turned-label honcho A-Trak and filterhouse master chef Armand Van Helden aren't about haute cuisine. But their sample-storming full-length debut is undeniable – squarely in the tradition of stoned...

    April 15, 2014 12:00 AM ET
  • Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne

    Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne | ALBUM REVIEW

    Jackson Browne's first three LPs alone, which source half this illuminating double-CD covers set, are singer-songwriter urtexts. Don Henley offers a no-frills take on "These Days," Lucinda Williams does a raggedly existential "The Pretender"...

    April 1, 2014 12:15 AM ET
  • Dylan's Gospel

    Dylan's Gospel | ALBUM REVIEW

    The Brothers and Sisters weren't a band per se, but a one-off project helmed by producer and music-biz legend Lou Adler. The dubious idea: Gather L.A.'s finest background singers into a makeshift Baptist-style gospel-soul choir to...

    April 1, 2014 12:10 AM ET
  • Bob Dylan in the 80's: Volume One

    Bob Dylan in the 80's: Volume One | ALBUM REVIEW

    In hindsight, Bob Dylan's recordings in the 1980s deserve their bad rep less for the songs – which can be tremendously potent – than for the bland production and often half-baked performances. This revisionist...

    March 25, 2014 12:40 AM ET
  • From Another World

    From Another World | ALBUM REVIEW

    This compilation of Dylan songs recorded by international acts in a wild array of music styles may put some of his fans off: The singing is mostly non-English, and the original melodies, variously transposed, can...

    March 20, 2014 11:50 AM ET
  • Vengo

    Vengo | ALBUM REVIEW

    Ana Tijoux's 2010 breakout single "1977" didn't need English lyrics to land a prominent placement on Breaking Bad and a shout-out on Radiohead's website. On the title track of her third solo set, which...

    March 18, 2014 12:05 AM ET
  • MultiViral

    MultiViral | ALBUM REVIEW

    Calle 13 have come a long way since their 2005 debut, when they were a smartass pair of twentysomethings from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, riding the international reggaeton boom with a club-minded mix of sex...

    March 7, 2014 3:25 PM ET
  • Dave's Picks Volume 9

    Dave's Picks Volume 9 | ALBUM REVIEW

    In 1974, the Dead toured with the gargantuan "Wall of Sound" system designed by LSD chemist Owsley Stanley; partly due to the expense, they'd quit touring by year's end. But on this era-epitomizing set,...

    March 7, 2014 3:05 PM ET
  • Strong Feelings

    Strong Feelings | ALBUM REVIEW

    Toronto's Doug Paisley makes deceptively gentle music, full of sweet country-rock melodies and dark poetry. "The future's burning brightly, but it won't last," he sings on "It's Not Too Late (To Say Goodbye)," echoing Harvest-era...

    March 7, 2014 2:55 PM ET
  • Atlas

    Atlas | ALBUM REVIEW

    These New Jersey jangle scientists tuck instrumentals into all their LPs (here, the wistful surf dream "April's Song"), and it's telling: They're out for guitar bliss, like a lilting pop version of Sonic Youth...

    March 4, 2014 12:20 AM ET
  • Blank Project

    Blank Project | ALBUM REVIEW

    "New York City, she speaks to me in tongues," declares Swedish art-pop diva Neneh Cherry on "Across the Water." She gives as good as she gets: The "Buffalo Stance" singer's first solo LP since 1996 refuses...

    February 25, 2014 12:05 AM ET
  • Morning Phase

    Morning Phase | ALBUM REVIEW

    On his remarkable 2002 album, Sea Change, Beck ditched his signature irony, break beats and jump cuts to vibe on the country-tinged singer-songwriter tradition of his L.A. hometown. Since then, the album's stature has...

    February 24, 2014 3:05 PM ET
  • Bad Self Portraits

    Bad Self Portraits | ALBUM REVIEW

    Lake Street Dive's initials may spell "LSD," but the Massachusetts-bred quartet are mostly tripping on Motown-meets-Muscle Shoals soul nostalgia, while frontwoman Rachael Price's big voice triggers flashbacks of Amy Winehouse and her forebears. These are all...

    February 21, 2014 12:30 PM ET
  • You Should Be So Lucky

    You Should Be So Lucky | ALBUM REVIEW

    A go-to ace for the Stones, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, Fiona Apple and a ridiculous number of others, Benmont Tench earned his crown via his day job with Tom...

    February 21, 2014 12:00 PM ET
  • The Outsiders

    The Outsiders | ALBUM REVIEW

    Eric Church branded himself a country-music outlaw of consequence on 2011's platinum-selling Chief, with the singles "Springsteen" (a Bruce-induced letter to an ex) and "Homeboy" (a tale of hip-hop attitude gone rural), plus riffs that...

    February 11, 2014 12:35 AM ET
  • Small Town Heroes

    Small Town Heroes | ALBUM REVIEW

    This Crescent City crew's breakthrough LP could be called Inside Alynda Lee Segarra. Like the Coen brothers' Llewyn Davis, the Bronx-bred Segarra is a troubadour steeped in tradition and shivering on the road – see "Crash on...

    February 11, 2014 12:20 AM ET
  • Emmaar

    Emmaar | ALBUM REVIEW

    Transplant a group of veteran Saharan guitar slingers to a different desert (SoCal's Mojave, specifically the indie depot of Joshua Tree) and add some American guests – rock guitarists Josh Klinghoffer and Matt Sweeney, poet-MC Saul Williams...

    February 11, 2014 12:05 AM ET
  • "I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You"

    "I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You" | SONG REVIEW

    On this Springsteen-y cut from his band's first LP in four years, Craig Finn revisits the Cityscape Skins, a gang of Minnesota dirtbags awaiting the apocalypse. Electric guitars brawl and soar, so you don't need...

    February 7, 2014 10:20 AM ET
  • From His Head to His Heart to His Hands

    From His Head to His Heart to His Hands | ALBUM REVIEW

    A bar-mitzvahed Chicago son who baby-sat Muddy Waters' grandkids, Mike Bloomfield was no average Sixties guitar hero. But "hotshit player" doesn't begin to describe the underappreciated blues-rock figurehead, as this beautiful four-disc set makes clear. The 1964...

    February 4, 2014 12:00 AM ET