32 items by Robert Palmer

  • The Devil and Jerry Lee Lewis

    The Devil and Jerry Lee Lewis | ARTICLE

    I'm the toughest son of a bitch that ever shat out of a meat ass," Jerry Lee Lewis said, deliberately. Having just done...

    December 13, 1979 12:50 PM ET
  • The Gospel According to Bob Dylan

    The Gospel According to Bob Dylan | ARTICLE

    Bob DylanThe Warfield TheaterSan FranciscoNovember 1st, 1979 The new Bob Dylan tour began on a chilly Thursday evening at the Warfield...

    December 13, 1979 12:45 PM ET
  • Muddy Waters: The Delta Son Never Sets

    Muddy Waters: The Delta Son Never Sets | ARTICLE

    Muddy Waters, the master bluesman, is now sixty-three. He lives out in the suburbs, almost an hour's drive from downtown Chicago and the...

    October 5, 1978 4:15 PM ET
  • Sparkle

    Sparkle | ALBUM REVIEW

    The instrumental tracks Curtis Mayfield produces at his Curtom Studio in Chicago always sound a little contrived. There's a swirling harp every time you turn around, the syncopated horn figures lie just so against the bass and...

    August 12, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Full of Fire

    Full of Fire | ALBUM REVIEW

    During the halcyon years when Al Green was notching one gold record after another, reviewers began to wonder aloud how much more mileage the singer and his producer, Willie Mitchell, could get out of their "formula." Now...

    June 3, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Bill Wyman Talks Solo Record, Being a Stone

    Bill Wyman Talks Solo Record, Being a Stone | ARTICLE

    NEW YORK — Bill Wyman seems to be on a campaign to destroy his image as the silent Stone. On last year's Rolling Stones tour, Wyman emerged during a two-week stay here as the most available...

    March 25, 1976 12:20 PM ET
  • Northern Lights, Southern Cross

    Northern Lights, Southern Cross | ALBUM REVIEW

    Cahoots and the oldies LP, Moondog Matinee, weren't exactly auspicious developments in a recording career with beginnings as brilliant as the Band's. Their playing behind Bob Dylan on Planet Waves and Before the Flood as well as...

    January 29, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Bob Dylan, Jazz Stars Salute Label Pioneer John Hammond

    Bob Dylan, Jazz Stars Salute Label Pioneer John Hammond | ARTICLE

    CHICAGO — Bob Dylan played for about 100 empty chairs and 100 fans at the NET Television studios September 10th. The occasion was...

    October 23, 1975 12:00 PM ET
  • Stones Visit Memphis

    Stones Visit Memphis | ARTICLE

    Memphis — It was 1:00 a.m. on the Fourth of July, the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas '75 was a...

    August 14, 1975 8:35 AM ET
  • A Quiet Storm

    A Quiet Storm | ALBUM REVIEW

    A Quiet Storm begins with the sound of a summer shower, a flute, tremulous congas and vibes and Smokey breathlessly caressing the words, "Soft and warm, a quiet storm." As the title tune progresses, the sensuality of...

    July 31, 1975 12:00 AM ET
  • Memphis Magic: The Al Green Sound

    Memphis Magic: The Al Green Sound | ARTICLE

    Among the first of the innumerable roadside billboards which greet visitors arriving in Memphis, Tennessee, is one which proclaims a hearty Welcome to Memphis...

    October 25, 1973 2:35 PM ET
  • The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot

    The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot | ALBUM REVIEW

    The continuing evolution of Beefheart's music has been one of the most fascinating developments of contemporary rock. The Captain has often seemed an introverted, almost schizophrenic figure, mirroring in his work the apparent dichotomy between the rigorous...

    December 21, 1972 12:00 AM ET