Peter Travers

  • March 19, 2015

    Danny Collins

    Al Pacino livens up this tale of an aging rocker with a new lease on life

  • March 11, 2015

    It Follows

    A young woman is pursued by an unstoppable force in the best lo-fi horror film in ages

  • March 11, 2015


    This live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale is fit for a princess

  • March 11, 2015

    The Cobbler

    This toxic Adam Sandler movie about magical shoes is beyond repair

  • March 11, 2015

    Seymour: An Introduction

    Ethan Hawke's doc on a former concert pianist shines a spotlight on a forgotten artist

  • March 5, 2015


    A robot gets rebooted with artificial intelligence in this sci-fi take on nature vs. nuture

  • March 5, 2015

    The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    The old gang is back for another go-round in this sequel to the 2012 hit

  • February 26, 2015


    A British private finds himself stranded in Belfast in this tense period-piece thriller

  • February 26, 2015

    The Hunting Ground

    The epidemic of rapes on college campuses is examined in Kirby Dick's tough, thorough documentary

  • February 26, 2015

    Maps to the Stars

    The laughs stick in your throat in David Cronenberg's satire of what's tainted in Tinseltown

  • February 26, 2015


    Will Smith lays on the charm in this slick who's-conning-who caper movie

  • February 21, 2015

    Peter Travers on Sundance 2015's New Stars

    Youth, raunch, film nerds and big sales for quirky indies bring the heat to the wintry Utah film festival

  • February 19, 2015

    McFarland, USA

    Kevin Costner turns a ragtag team of runners into champions in this inspirational sports drama

  • February 19, 2015

    Wild Tales

    Argentina's Oscar candidate turns six tales of revenge into one wild and crazy ride

  • February 16, 2015

    Read Peter Travers' Oscar 2015 Picks

    From 'Boyhood' to 'Birdman,' here's your tip sheet for the whitest Oscars in years

  • February 11, 2015

    What We Do in the Shadows

    This New Zealand-based vampire comedy is as sharp as a pair of fangs

  • February 11, 2015

    The Last Five Years

    Anna Kendrick sings her heart out in this adaptation of the cult Off-Broadway musical

  • February 11, 2015

    Kingsman: The Secret Service

    This slam-bang action movie about British secret agents is deliriously shaken, not stirred

  • February 11, 2015

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    The long-awaited adaptation of E.L. James' kinky bestseller will only appeal to gluttons for punishment

  • February 5, 2015


    Don't miss this Oscar nominee about a Polish girl delving into her family's past