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  • Family Business

    Family Business | MOVIE REVIEW

    That towering Scot Sean Connery is cast as Jessie McMullen, father to shrimpy Dustin Hoffman and grandpop to nerdy Matthew Broderick. That's just the first leap of faith this seriocomic film demands of an audience. It seems...

    December 15, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • Movies of the Eighties

    Movies of the Eighties | ARTICLE

    It wasn't all safe and sorry -- here are ten movies that really mattered. 1. Blue Velvet (1986): A visionary masterpiece from writer-director David Lynch, the undisputed wizard of odd. To visit his sick father, a college student...

    December 14, 1989 12:05 PM ET
  • Enemies: A Love Story

    Enemies: A Love Story | MOVIE REVIEW

    Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer wasn't happy with the musical Barbra Streisand made from his story "Yentl." Singer, an immigrant Polish Jew, nonetheless permitted director Paul Mazursky to film this 1972 novel. The risk paid off....

    December 13, 1989 12:02 PM ET
  • Blaze

    Blaze | MOVIE REVIEW

    Writer-director Ron Shelton, who scored a major hit about minor-league baseball and sex in Bull Durham, now turns to Southern politics and sex. His film is based on a 1959 scandal involving Blaze Starr, a redheaded, twenty-eight-year-old...

    December 13, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • Triumph of the Spirit

    Triumph of the Spirit | MOVIE REVIEW

    This earnest but woefully misguided film (the first major feature to be shot on location at Auschwitz) tells the real-life story of Salamo Arouch, the Greek Jewish middleweight boxing champ of the Balkans who survived his two-year...

    December 8, 1989 12:04 PM ET
  • The War of the Roses

    The War of the Roses | MOVIE REVIEW

    "What fresh hell is this?" asks Kathleen Turner, her eyes bulging with trepidation. No, she's not a film critic still reeling from the claptrap released since Thanksgiving (Harlem Nights, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the soulless sequel...

    December 8, 1989 12:04 PM ET
  • She-Devil

    She-Devil | MOVIE REVIEW

    Director Susan Seidelman takes aim at the box office with the team of movie queen Meryl Streep and TV slob queen Roseanne Barr. She misfires. Streep gets all the jokes, and Barr, looking stranded, plays it straight....

    December 8, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • Valmont

    Valmont | MOVIE REVIEW

    Just to pique your interest: the plot concerns two former bed mates heavily into sex games. She's a widow; he's a playboy. He yearns to get her back in the sack for one night. Fine by her,...

    November 17, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • Steel Magnolias

    Steel Magnolias | MOVIE REVIEW

    No use fighting it. this laugh-getting, tear-jerking, part-affecting, part-appalling display of audience manipulation is practically critic-proof. Robert Harling's long-running off-Broadway play concerns six women who regularly congregate in a Louisiana beauty parlor. Now Harling, who based the...

    November 15, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • My Left Foot

    My Left Foot | MOVIE REVIEW

    Christy Brown, Who Died at forty-nine in 1981 after choking on food, was a working-class Dubliner who relished family (he was the tenth of twenty-two children), pranks, girls, drinking, brawling, painting and writing. The last two brought...

    November 10, 1989 3:50 PM ET
  • Henry V

    Henry V | MOVIE REVIEW

    Make no mistake. Kenneth Branagh is a cocksure twenty-eight-year-old talent explosion from Belfast, Ireland. He's already debuted with London's prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in movies (High Season, A Month in the Country) and on British television...

    November 8, 1989 4:35 PM ET
  • Mystery Train

    Mystery Train | MOVIE REVIEW

    Granted, writer and director Jim Jarmusch isn't everybody's idea of independent-filmmaking energy unbound. His previous movies (Permanent Vacation, Stranger Than Paradise, Down by Law) have been called minimalist, marginal and lulling. And that's by those who say...

    November 7, 1989 12:00 AM ET
  • Dad


    In his Debut as a Feature Director, Gary David Goldberg -- creator of NBC's Family Ties -- may have brought forth the ultimate tear-jerker. Dad, based on William Wharton's 1982 novel, grafts on elements from nearly every...

    October 27, 1989 4:05 PM ET
  • Immediate Family

    Immediate Family | MOVIE REVIEW

    Lucy Moore, The Seventeen-year-old played by Mary Stuart Masterson, is pregnant by Sam (Kevin Dillon), a Guns n' Roses fanatic with no job prospects. Lucy doesn't want an abortion, so a lawyer arranges an open adoption with...

    October 27, 1989 4:00 PM ET
  • Apartment Zero

    Apartment Zero | MOVIE REVIEW

    Adrian leduc, played with uncommon skill by Colin Firth, manages a movie house in Buenos Aires that specializes in revivals. During off hours, Adrian grudgingly allows his cashier and her friends to use his theater for political...

    October 18, 1989 3:40 PM ET
  • Story of Women

    Story of Women | MOVIE REVIEW

    This film may be in french, but that won't stop its star, Isabelle Huppert, from winning acting accolades in every country where her work is shown; she's already won at the Venice Film Festival. Huppert, whose American...

    October 13, 1989 3:45 PM ET
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys

    The Fabulous Baker Boys | MOVIE REVIEW

    It's parsley," says susie diamond, A professional escort turned singer on the cocktail-lounge circuit. She's trying to explain to Frank Baker (Beau Bridges), one-half of the piano-playing duo that employs her -- Jack Baker (Jeff Bridges) is...

    October 13, 1989 3:35 PM ET
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors

    Crimes and Misdemeanors | MOVIE REVIEW

    What we have in Crimes and Misdemeanors is the first American film comedy about the absence of God. Naturally, it's from Woody Allen, the director-writer-actor for whom laughs are never enough. That attitude rankles those drawn to...

    October 13, 1989 3:20 PM ET
  • Breaking In

    Breaking In | MOVIE REVIEW

    Burt Reynolds has tweaked his he-man image before; he was Cosmo's first nude male centerfold. But this? In his latest, a wry comedy about thieves, Burt sports a potbelly, gray hair and yellow teeth and limps around...

    October 13, 1989 12:02 PM ET
  • Look Who's Talking

    Look Who's Talking | MOVIE REVIEW

    Ever since his smash in Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta has taken heat for making too many movies that show off his body and little else. None of that here. As a cabdriver named James in this...

    October 13, 1989 12:00 AM ET