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  • The Anthology 1961-1977

    The Anthology 1961-1977 | ALBUM REVIEW

    Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions: The Anthology,' a two-CD, forty-song set, is a remarkable document. Lovingly assembled by Chicago-soul authority Robert Pruter, this collection connects a decade's worth of gentle Impressions singles with the power and invention...

    February 4, 1993 12:00 AM ET
  • Deep In The Night

    Deep In The Night | ALBUM REVIEW

    Once, when I was fourteen, I bought a copy of "My Dearest Darling" by Etta James, a record I'd heard as an oldie on a local station. The song haunted me, and I played it obsessively, day...

    June 1, 1978 12:00 AM ET
  • All 'N All

    All 'N All | ALBUM REVIEW

    At their worst, Earth, Wind and Fire indulge in some of the most pretentious excesses in current black music. As on past Earth, Wind and Fire records, All 'n All is filled with leaded brotherhood platitudes, Star...

    January 26, 1978 12:00 AM ET
  • Foot Loose & Fancy Free

    Foot Loose & Fancy Free | ALBUM REVIEW

    There's something to be said for the New Wave rebellion against (to borrow a phrase from the not-so-young-himself Willy De Ville) "old meat." Even if this reaction is mostly confined to England, it seems very healthy. There...

    December 15, 1977 12:00 AM ET
  • Live! At The London Palladium

    Live! At The London Palladium | ALBUM REVIEW

    Along with Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye must be considered one of the most reticent pop performers. This is his second live album in three years, a period bridged by only one studio effort, the disappointing I Want...

    June 2, 1977 12:00 AM ET
  • Have a Good Time

    Have a Good Time | ALBUM REVIEW

    If his records are any indication, Al Green is a troubled, no, haunted man. Imagine the spiritual afflictions that prompted the theme of "Keep Me Cryin'," Green's latest single and a song from Have a Good Time:...

    January 27, 1977 12:00 AM ET
  • Spirit

    Spirit | ALBUM REVIEW

    The songs of Earth, Wind and Fire combine pure urban fantasy with the type of facile brotherhood messages that also crop up in the music of Stevie Wonder and the O'Jays. But Earth, Wind and Fire wraps...

    December 16, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Tales of Kidd Funkadelic

    Tales of Kidd Funkadelic | ALBUM REVIEW

    What you see on Funkadelic album covers is what the band is about: "The saber-tooth, slippery tongued & most nastic mau-mau bootybusters of noxious neegrow humpanotical, moldy metal, marching noise music." These guys are no spring chickens...

    December 16, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Live Report: The Meters

    Live Report: The Meters | ARTICLE

    The Meters may well be the finest performing American band. Without resorting to such modern pop trappings as smoke bombs and gyrating pianos,...

    November 4, 1976 1:25 PM ET
  • Children of the World

    Children of the World | ALBUM REVIEW

    From mushy pop ballads through late-Sixties psychedelia and low-key rock, the Bee Gees have demonstrated a chameleonlike ability to adapt to disparate pop trends. These days, as they said on the Tonight Show in their best Cockney...

    November 4, 1976 12:00 AM ET
  • Mothership Connection

    Mothership Connection | ALBUM REVIEW

    With the "Parliafunkadelicment thang," leader George Clinton has succeeded in creating two distinct identities for one band—the mystical voodoo of the Funkadelics and the stabbing, humorous funk of Parliament. While Funkadelic has no discernible influence, Parliament is...

    March 25, 1976 12:00 AM ET