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  • Burnin' Sky

    Burnin' Sky | ALBUM REVIEW

    Although Burnin' Sky is firmly slotted into the comfortable menace of Anglo blues-rock growl, some credit is due Bad Company for loosening up sufficiently to nudge the limits of hard-rock convention. While it's less than a break-through...

    May 19, 1977 12:00 AM ET
  • Minstrel In The Gallery

    Minstrel In The Gallery | ALBUM REVIEW

    Chances are, most of you have long since forgotten the notion of Elizabethan boogie as an art form. Well, it's revived here on Minstrel in the Gallery, Jethro Tull's latest concept-as-after-thought entry in the fall record sweepstakes....

    November 6, 1975 12:00 AM ET
  • E.C. Was Here

    E.C. Was Here | ALBUM REVIEW

    E.C. Was Here, recorded live at various concerts on his most recent world tour, marks Eric Clapton's return to the role of lead guitarist. Not only has Clapton reassumed primary responsibility for the lion's share of the...

    October 9, 1975 12:00 AM ET
  • Meddle

    Meddle | ALBUM REVIEW

    Pink Floyd has finally emerged from the Atom Heart Mother phase, a fairly stagnant period in their musical growth, marked by constant creative indecision. They tried to cover for it by putting a particular series of subliminal...

    January 6, 1972 12:00 AM ET