3 items by Edmund O. Ward

  • Direct Hits

    Direct Hits | ALBUM REVIEW

    So you like the Who, huh, and you've been looking for a concise collection of some of their best tracks, and you bought...

    October 18, 1969 11:30 AM ET
  • The Stooges

    The Stooges | ALBUM REVIEW

    As we all remember, in 1957, it was conclusively proven that there exists a causal relationship between rock and roll and juvenile delinquency. This record is just another document in support of this thesis. The Stooges, formerly the...

    October 18, 1969 12:00 AM ET
  • Roots

    Roots | ALBUM REVIEW

    This odd, new Everly Brothers album is full of Ma and Pa and sweet gospel singin' on the radio, harmonizing "family style and country style," and memories of the old home in Brownie, Kentucky. It is also...

    May 31, 1969 12:00 AM ET