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  • Mas Canciones

    Mas Canciones | ALBUM REVIEW

    Linda Ronstadt probably has the most beautiful and technically accomplished voice ever to grace a Mexican ranchera. On Más Canciones, her second collection of Mexican songs, Ronstadt's pristine, bell-shaped chest tones, clear falsetto and controlled sobs compete...

    February 6, 1992 12:00 AM ET
  • Heart Attack

    Heart Attack | ARTICLE

    They have led us to a new way of looking, acting, thinking and moving; to a new and sensitive way of expressing ourselves in music; to freedom in conformity.—Ann Wilson, an excerpt from her winning entry...

    May 15, 1980 11:35 AM ET
  • Fleetwood Mac: They Dared To Be Different

    Fleetwood Mac: They Dared To Be Different | ARTICLE

    Stevie Nicks is in the bathroom of her publicist's office on Sunset Boulevard, fixing her hair. She can get all of her thick, shag-cut...

    February 7, 1980 1:20 PM ET