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  • Devo's Mothersbaugh Talks "Tenenbaums"

    Devo's Mothersbaugh Talks "Tenenbaums" | ARTICLE

    Mark Mothersbaugh says the score he wrote for The Royal Tenenbaums is a logical progression from the work he did on director Wes Anderson's two previous films, Bottle Rocket and Rushmore. "Bottle Rocket was a jazz quintet,...

    November 30, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Alive and KISSing

    Alive and KISSing | ARTICLE

    Back in the Seventies, in their pursuit to conquer rock & roll, the members of Kiss breathed fire, spat blood, adopted painted on personas, flew onto the stage and stomped around larger than life in towering moon...

    November 29, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Public Enemy Meet the Public

    Public Enemy Meet the Public | ARTICLE

    Public Enemy will release a new album, which will feature four of the group's past hits remixed by fans, in late February. This summer, through frontman Chuck D's own SlamJamz.com, P.E. offered fans a chance to download...

    November 16, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • The B-52's Go "Nude"

    The B-52's Go "Nude" | ARTICLE

    Nearly twenty-five years after the B-52's formed in Athens, Georgia, the band's career will get an overview with the January 15th release of the double-disc anthology Nude on the Moon. In addition to B-52's standards "Rock Lobster,"...

    November 15, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Gene Simmons Comes Clean

    Gene Simmons Comes Clean | ARTICLE

    The smell of dirty laundry will fill the air December 11th when Kiss and Make-Up, the autobiography of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, hits shelves. "It's time for our children to find out that all was not well with...

    November 14, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Cypress Hill Film Two Videos

    Cypress Hill Film Two Videos | ARTICLE

    Cypress Hill just finished shooting the video for "Trouble." The video for the rock single from the band's December 4th release, Stoned Raiders, was filmed in downtown Los Angeles, including a segment shot in the city's little-known...

    November 8, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Vedder, Crowes Meet the Beatles

    Vedder, Crowes Meet the Beatles | ARTICLE

    Director Jessie Nelson originally hoped to use all Beatles songs for the soundtrack to her new movie, I Am Sam, starring Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. When she learned that getting the necessary clearances in time for...

    November 7, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Strummer Documentary Due

    Strummer Documentary Due | ARTICLE

    An extra pair of eyes is on Joe Strummer this fall, as filmmaker Dick Rude lenses a documentary of the former Clash guitarist's fall tour with his latest band, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. "I called up Joe...

    November 6, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Rita Marley on Bob's Life

    Rita Marley on Bob's Life | ARTICLE

    In the years between signing with Island Records in 1973 and his death from cancer in 1981, Bob Marley became an international star, and reggae music migrated from his native Jamaica to the far corners of the...

    October 24, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Bennett Quits Wilco

    Bennett Quits Wilco | ARTICLE

    Multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett has left Wilco to work on a solo project he plans to release next year. His departure is a "mutual decision" according to management. Bennett is the second member of Wilco to leave this...

    August 16, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Wilco Trot Off Reprise

    Wilco Trot Off Reprise | ARTICLE

    Wilco's long-rumored split with Reprise Records is official, and the Chicago-based group is actively shopping their fourth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, in an attempt to get the record released by the end of the year. The dispute over the...

    August 15, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Johnny Talks Joey, Ramones Reissues

    Johnny Talks Joey, Ramones Reissues | ARTICLE

    The recent death of the Ramones' singer Joey Ramone closed a chapter of rock. Formed by four guys from Queens, the Ramones sang about being bored, sniffing glue and the youthful pursuit of looking for something to...

    August 2, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • X Reissues, Doe CD Due

    X Reissues, Doe CD Due | ARTICLE

    X will reissue their first three albums -- 1980's Los Angeles, 1981's Wild Gift and 1982's Under the Big Black Sun -- on September 18th. The re-releases will feature previously unreleased studio and live bonus tracks. Despite the...

    July 26, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Kool Keith Comes Clean

    Kool Keith Comes Clean | ARTICLE

    Since leaving the Ultramagnetic MC's, Kool Keith has donned capes, wigs and glasses in adopting a string of wacked-out personas and characters to deliver his candid raps about sex and drugs. Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom, Dr. Octagon,...

    July 24, 2001 12:00 AM ET
  • Believe in a Very Different Cher

    Believe in a Very Different Cher | ARTICLE

    Fresh off the worldwide success of her 1998 dance album Believe, Cher has done the unbelievable, at least by typical diva standards. Rather than immediately capitalize on her staggering comeback, she's recorded an album so comfortably personal...

    November 10, 2000 12:00 AM ET
  • Beulah Ready Sophomore Release

    Beulah Ready Sophomore Release | ARTICLE

    Beulah singer/guitarist Miles Kurosky knows his San Francisco band's sunny melodies might make listeners think the quintet is all about sweetness and light. But he also knows the careful listener can easily see that's not the only...

    March 27, 1999 12:00 AM ET