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  • Powerlight

    Powerlight | ALBUM REVIEW

    No surprises here: Maurice White and company are still pumping out the same spiffy horn parts, bouncy bass lines and stacked-to-the-sky vocals that have made Earth, Wind and Fire a persistently platinum act. Unfortunately, the passion that...

    March 17, 1983 12:00 AM ET
  • Trouble In Paradise

    Trouble In Paradise | ALBUM REVIEW

    "Here we are, living in paradise," sang Elvis Costello a few albums ago, and while Randy Newman probably would agree with that statement, he'd be more interested in its underlying frustration: if this is paradise, why aren't...

    February 17, 1983 12:00 AM ET
  • Thriller

    Thriller | ALBUM REVIEW

    In the three years since Michael Jackson's first solo album, Off the Wall, sold 7 million copies and spawned four hit singles, black music has veered away from the danceable but ultraslick style that Off the Wall...

    January 28, 1983 12:00 AM ET
  • Springsteen LP Draws Mixed Reactions

    Springsteen LP Draws Mixed Reactions | ARTICLE

    Bruce Springsteen's solo–acoustic album, Nebraska, has become the most surprising and talked–about record of the year – even before its release. Its...

    October 14, 1982 11:50 AM ET
  • One On One

    One On One | ALBUM REVIEW

    After 1980's raucously self-indulgent All Shook Up, many fans who'd been seduced by the irresistible power pop of In Color and Heaven Tonight began hopping off the Cheap Trick bandwagon. One on One suggests that although guitarist-songwriter...

    July 8, 1982 12:00 AM ET
  • Still Life

    Still Life | ALBUM REVIEW

    Still Life, the Rolling Stones' fourth live album, opens with an absolutely savage version of "Under My Thumb." Keith Richards starts it off, hammering out that killer riff as if it were 1965 again, while Charlie Watts...

    June 1, 1982 12:00 AM ET
  • Springsteen Wraps Up Tour With Energetic Shows and Rowdy Celebrations

    Springsteen Wraps Up Tour With Energetic Shows and Rowdy Celebrations | ARTICLE

    After 139 shows, eleven and a half months on the road and enough fried chicken to feed Latvia for a week, Bruce Springsteen...

    October 29, 1981 11:35 AM ET
  • Springsteen Returns To The Road

    Springsteen Returns To The Road | ARTICLE

    I never seen nothing like this," an ecstatic Bruce Springsteen confided to 20,000 of his closest friends early last month as he...

    August 20, 1981 1:30 PM ET