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  • Echo and the Bunnymen: 'Boonymusic' Makes Its Mark

    Echo and the Bunnymen: 'Boonymusic' Makes Its Mark | ARTICLE

    LOS ANGELES—In the early days, if you played well it was just sheer luck." Ian McCulloch, a.k.a. Mac, lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for Echo and the Bunnymen, is reminiscing about the...

    July 9, 1981 11:25 PM ET
  • Uprising

    Uprising | ALBUM REVIEW

    Last year's Survival found Bob Marley close to his peak, boldly appraising global black unity from a Rastafarian viewpoint with his most biting and uncompromised music in some time. Uprising is that landmark album's disquieting successor. The...

    October 16, 1980 12:00 AM ET