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The Steelwells on How They Got on 'Yo! Gabba Gabba' – and the Local News

by Patrick Doyle on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Lilliana Dang .

Tell me about your crappiest job.
Joey [Winter, vocals and guitar]: I've worked every job – asphalt paving, pizza delivery…but the worst was pest control. I got attacked by two dogs and tried to beat them off with my sprayer. They ripped my pants, bit my legs all up. And it was on the news.

That's horrible.
Joey: Yeah. They took me to the hospital. I was laid up for a few weeks. That was right after my divorce. I was headed in a pretty positive direction at that point.

What's the best show that guys have ever seen?
Joey: Flaming Lips, hands down, at the Fox Theatre in Pomona last year. Plus, I got to be on Yo! Gabba Gabba with the Flaming Lips as a monkey.

Are you serious?
Joey: Yeah, I'm friends with the producers on the show. If you see the episode of Yo! Gabba Gabba where the Flaming Lips are on, I'm a monkey and Billy [Kim, multi-instrumentalist] is a monster. Wayne Coyne is one of my heroes.

What bands do you think you guys sound like?
Andrew [Eapen, guitar]: Sometimes we sound like the Shins.

Joey: I just wish I could write as well as James Mercer.

Have you guys ever trashed a hotel room before?
Andrew: We're not really that kind of band actually. We're kind of mellow – we don't make messes. We clean up messes.

Yeah, yeah.
Joey: A couple of us work in special ed at a school. We spend the rest of our time doing that.

Andrew: We don't really have any free time. We work to pay for the band and then the rest of the time is just working on the band.

What do you do at the school?
Andrew: We're teacher's aides. Me and Joey just love working with the kids. It's kind of like you're back in school again. It's fun.

Joey: The kids are just the best, although I know that's creepy coming from the guy with the beard.[Laughs].

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