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The Sheepdogs Perform "I Don't Know" On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

by Rolling Stone on Aug 3, 2011

The last time the Sheepdogs appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, they were one of 16 bands competing in the Choose the Cover of Rolling Stone contest presented by Garnier Fructis. Last night, the Canadian boogie rockers hit the stage as champions, with their faces on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone and having just signed a contract with Atlantic Records. The boys from Saskatoon performed a confident yet mellow rendition of "I Don't Know," a cut from their self-released Five Easy Pieces EP that showcases all of the band's strong points - groovy riffs, soulful vocals, smooth harmonies, melodic bass, and, in strictly visual terms, beards. Lots of beards! 

See behind-the-scenes videos and photos in the Garnier Fructis Green Room

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