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The Sheepdogs on the Scene in Saskatoon and the Difference Between Them and Jesus

by Will Hermes on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Emma McIntyre .

Are you part of a music scene in Saskatoon?
Ryan [Gullen, bass]: Yeah, there's definitely a music scene. There are quite a few bands that are kind of forming and getting away from just playing locally or playing across Canada. It's more of like an indie scene here so we're a little bit out of the realm of that.

Do you guys ever get hassled for being long-haired freaky people in Saskatoon?
Ryan: I've noticed the difference between Saskatoon and bigger cities like Toronto or New York is that people often like to make the comment of "you look like Jesus." It gets really annoying after the 800th time some douchebag says it. Then you go to a place like Toronto and nobody really says anything.

Ewan [Currie, vocals and guitar]: I played a little acoustic set at a bar in Saskatoon recently and somebody yelled out "Jesus!" But I weigh 220 pounds! Jesus was malnourished.

What bands do people say you sound like?
Ewan: When we play tunes that have harmonized guitar lines, we always get stuff like the Allman Brothers. People always compare my vocals to Burton Cummings from The Guess Who. And sometimes John Fogerty, which I think is awesome cause — I wish I sounded like him.

What bands you think you sound like? A little bit of truth to all those then.
Ewan: There's no doubt that I carry a big torch for the way Dicky Bets and Dwayne Allman played together. The grit and soul Fogerty sings with. You know anything that The Beatles or Stones do.

What was your crappiest  job?
EC: When I was 19 I worked as a bouncer at a club here in town for about three months. It was a big dumb Jersey Shore kind of club. As a young man who loved good music it was really painful to stand around and watch these douchebags dance it up. I understand now why bouncers at clubs are so quick to react to violence - its 'cause they're standing around having no fun while everybody else is having a good time. I didn't really care for the way it was making me think.

What's the best show you played?
Ryan: There've been a lot of them. We played a show back in October in Toronto. It was a sold out and relatively rowdy and we ended up playing two full sets. But a couple times, we've thrown parties at a hall here in Saskatoon - we actually rented a local hall and threw a party where we played a set.

Is it like an Elks Lodge or seomthing?
Ryan: It's a senior center. It's kind of like an Elks Lodge but you go in there and there pack
up the table that they use to play bridge. At one of those shows a fan of our band made a sheepdog ice sculpture. It turns out you can pour a shot of Jagermeister into the head of the dog and it went through the dog and came out the tail. So we were doing shots directly out of this ice sheepdog that was probably three feet tall.

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