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Tha Boogie's Nu School on His Nostalgia for 'Xena Warrior Princess' and Nineties R&B

by Nicole Frehsee on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Tone.

What is the best show you've ever played?
Tuko [Proby] aka Nu School: The Fillmore in New York. I was a lot to pull it together. But it was New York and it was monumental.

Which bands do people say you sound like?
Tuko: David Bowie isn't really a band, but … we've gotten him. We get a lot of Janelle Monae and Outkast. Depeche Mode, No Doubt, we've even gotten the Noisettes sometimes. We love the Noisettes.

Are you a Beatles guy or a Stones guy?
Tuko: It's so hard to say. We are going to be the biggest group in the world, and the Beatles were the biggest group in the world, so based on that alone, maybe …

The Beatles?
Tuko: Yeah, just based on that alone.

What's the worst disaster you've suffered onstage?
Tuko: When I was younger, me and my niece were performing at a festival. We were rapping, and my part came on and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't remember anything. I just sat there, practically, for like 16 bars. I was about 14. So for me, that was my worst disaster.

What's your favorite way to relax?
Tuko: My favorite way to relax, and I've encouraged other people to do this, is to watch a TV
show or a movie you used to watch when you were younger, because you just go back to that place where you didn't have as many worries.

What movie is it for you?
Tuko: I'm a nerd, I guess, I like Xena Warrior Princess. I used to watch that religiously at my dad's house. I heard Quentin Tarantino thought it was a good show, too, so…

What is your guilty pleasure music?
Tuko: It would have to be like Nineties R&B.

Like Jodeci, what kind of stuff?
Tuko: Like Playa, I love Playa, I loved them, the Cheers 2 U album, the harmonies on that album are ridiculous. Stuff like Playa or Brandy.

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