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Skyler Stonestreet on Disasters With Eyelashes and Drinking Tequila in Pajamas

by Nicole Frehsee on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Brian Benham.

What's the best show you've ever played?
Skyler Stonestreet: I just recently got to open for Neon Trees, which was really awesome. It was for the Music Saves Lives benefit in Las Vegas, but it was a masquerade, and I was like, "If you say masquerade, I'm coming." I found this old Eighties vintage dress, this one of a kind at a place in L.A., this big  warehouse, it had huge colored sleeves. I had rhinestones all over my face and my shoes had reflectors on them. I just really went for it that day.

What's the worst disaster you've ever suffered onstage?
Skyler: I've gotten a fake eyelash glued shut. Everyone was like, "Why is she staring with one eye?"

What's your favorite piece of gear?
Skyler: Right now, that I own, probably my keyboard. I absolutely love it. I have this little vintage keyboard, also, but it's not a real deal keyboard. It kind of has problems.

Is it like a little Casio?
Skyler: My keyboard is a Yamaha, that's my favorite, so I really love that keyboard. But the other one doesn't have a name, I just saw it at the flea market, a tiny vintage little keyboard, and I just think it needs work done, but it's awesome.

What's your favorite way to relax?
Skyler: Probably just pajamas. Pajamas make my world better. Pajamas, movie time, glass of wine…

No tequila?
Skyler: Well, yeah, I'd say tequila. You're supposed to say wine, that's a classier way to relax, but mine is to have a tequila drink and sit in your pajamas and watch your VHS player. That sounds really good.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music?
Skyler: I probably have a lot of it, but I don't know how much guilty pleasure it is, because I like what's on the radio a lot. I love that "Grenade" song by Bruno Mars. I don't know why, but I like Justin Bieber's "Baby" song, I love that song. And I love him, he's doing his thing at 16, and I'm like, "How can you dog that?" When I was 16, my songs were not as good.

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