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PK: Scrappy Quintet Ditch College For Shot at Pop-Punk Glory

by Evan Serpick on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Richard Fusillo.

Who: This Templeton, California, band broke up after high school but restarted when the
members dropped out of college two years later. “We realized real life sucks and got back together,” says guitarist Nick Fotinakes.

Sound: Amped-up pop in the mold of the Killers, with vocals that sound like a Prozac’ed Robert Smith.

Slow Tempo: The band’s debut, Into the Roaring, took a while to record. “We had to go in spurts, because we were broke,” says singer Travis Hawley. “We’d work our asses off, record in L.A., then come back to save money to go back.”

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