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Our Two Finalists Talk Pressure, Excitement and Huge Life Changes

by Rolling Stone on Jun 6, 2011

. Photo by Souix Nesi.

The final round of the Choose the Cover of Rolling Stone contest is under way! After over half a million votes were cast online, the 16 acts vying for the cover of Rolling Stone – as well as an Atlantic Records contract – have been narrowed down to two finalists: Canadian boogie rockers the Sheepdogs and Los Angeles singer-songwriter Lelia Broussard.

If you're not already familiar with the bands, there's still time to get to know them before voting closes on July 1st. You can check out videos, free downloads and interviews, catch them in a battle of the bands at the Bonnaroo festival on June 11th.  You can also watch both acts open up about how it feels to make it to the top two and chat about their favorite albums, live acts, movies and more in the videos below.


"There's just two of us left, myself and the 'Dogs," Broussard says. "We've been doing this since February, and to think that the cover is going to be in August. It's crazy! I think about it all the time, like, what if this happens for real and I'm on millions of people's coffee tables?"


  "One of the funniest examples of people back home rallying around us was some guy that drives a truck, like a big semi trailer hauling lumber, made a makeshift 'Vote Sheepdogs' banner and hung it in the back of his truck," says Sheepdogs frontman Ewan Currie. "Multiple people took pictures of this and sent it to us over Twitter."

See behind-the-scenes videos and photos in the Garnier Fructis Green Room

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