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Jamestown Revival on Their Love of Scratch-Off Tickets and What's on Their Bucket List

by Nicole Frehsee on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Photograph by Josh Franer.

What's the crappiest day job you've ever had?
Zach Chance: I worked at a wing shop, buffalo wings, you had to cut the fries and everything…that job wasn't a lot of fun for me.

Jonathan Clay: I worked at a restaurant called Italian Garden. It was horrible. It was a local Italian joint, and I'm much too scatterbrained to remember an order, I can't wait tables. I lasted two weeks.

What's the best show you've attended?
Zach: We saw Damien Rice and Muse at Austin City Limits several years ago. They went back to back, and they were great, I had an amazing time that night. Damien Rice like made me want to cry, I had tears of joy, sadness, then an hour later I'm dancing like an idiot.

You guys are both originally from Magnolia, Texas. What was it like growing up there?
Zach: There were 1,000 people in the town.

Jonathan: We got a new high school when we were sophomores, that was a big step up for us. It has a small town feel, for sure. We didn't even have a McDonald's when we first moved there.

Zach: I don't want to paint it or portray it as totally Podunk, because it wasn't. It was just kind of a quieter suburban town.

I saw a video where you were in a boat and smoking pipes – do you really do that stuff?
Jonathan: That is pretty much more accurate than I think people would believe. My family has some land out in Walker County, Texas, and it's been in my family since the late Seventies. Me and Zach spent a lot of time there growing up, fishing, riding four-wheelers, just getting dirty, getting away from suburbia. We have a lot of respect for the outdoors and nature and earth.

What are your biggest vices on the road?
Jonathan: Scratch-off lottery tickets and coffee energy drinks.  I wish I could buy hundreds upon thousands of scratch-offs. Sometimes if I'm having a bad day, Zach knows we need some scratch-offs.

Have you made a pact that if one of you wins, you'll share?
Jonathan: That's pretty understood. It kind of goes without saying.

You both live in Austin. Would you consider yourselves part of the music scene there?
Jonathan: I don't know if I would consider us part of the pop music scene here. I think my favorite part about the Austin music scene is the blues side of it. There's a guy by the name of Alan Haynes who plays down here. I think he's one of the greatest guitarists ever. He plays all over the world, but in town, he'll play at these hole in the wall places. I've had the privilege and opportunity of getting to know him and sitting down and playing with him. The guy is a wealth of knowledge, and just an insane player.

Have you ever trashed a hotel room?
Jonathan: No, but that's on the bucket list. We just don't want to get the bill later.

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