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Go Periscope on Appreciating Opera and De-Icing Aircraft

by Will Hermes on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Jade Ehlers.

So who writes the lyrics and who sings?
Joshua [Frazier]: Florin sings leads and I sing the harmonies and we both write lyrics. One of us will come up with like two lines and a simple beat or riff and we trust the other person to fill in the gaps. It takes all the pressure away from like having to have all the answers or like "Okay, I have to be amazing at writing this beat, but I also need to do the guitar."

What kind of computers do you use to make your music?
Florin [Merano]: We use Macbook Pros. They've been indispensable, they're our babies.

Joshua: We've never gone to a studio and had a producer do anything for us, it's just me and him kinda figuring it out in the spare bedroom.

Florin: A lot of people ask us, you know, "Where did you get your album produced?' "Who mastered it?'" And we're just like, "That was us."

What type of music can't you stand?
Joshua: That's tough because I probably listen to everything. I even have Garth Brooks and George Strait in my CD player. I would say the only thing I can't stand is probably opera, and that's probably just 'cause I've never taken the time to appreciate it at all.

Florin: I'm different. I love opera. I've been to some opera shows and I just like the whole experience. For me, the worst type of music for me is the genre "crunk core." It's basically a mixture between screamo and rap and it's just the worst.

I liked your mashup of "Like a G6" and Owl City's "On the Wing." What was it about those songs that made you want to dig into them?
Florin: We were just like, "'Like a G6' – what a cool song. What can we mash up with that song that no one would ever think of?" But it just so happened that, you know, "Like a G6" and "On the Wing" just sounded amazing together. That's the kind of thing we really, really love doing.

What was your crappiest day job?
Florin: I worked for an airline doing "bag throwing," is what I like to call it. Essentially I'm out there no matter the weather, though I also got to travel all over the place. I went to Europe. The crappy part about it is that you're sitting there throwing baggage, you're coordinating flights, you're trying to get flights out of there on time and it's raining on you, it's snowing on you, you're de-icing aircraft, you're responsible for about 75 to 150 people because that aircraft needs to get off, needs to get de-iced.

Joshua: I worked at the movie theatre for two years in high school – it was probably the crappiest and the coolest job you could have. You got free movie tickets for you and your friends and in high school that was like gold. So I could come to the theater and get like twentyof my friends in for free, but it kind of sucked when I had to go in and work and serve people popcorn and get butter all over myself.

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