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Muffy on Her Mix of Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj

by Evan Serpick on Feb 9, 2011

. Photo by Photograph courtesy of Muffy.

What's the crappiest job you ever had?
I have a crappy day job right now, but I kind of enjoy it. I babysit dogs at a dog kennel, so I have to pick up crap and pee-pee every day. But it is kind of fun, because I like animals. 

What's the best show you've ever been to?
The most impactful show was the first Wu-Tang show I saw when they came to northern New Jersey. I was a young girl, but I cannot forget this show, because they had everybody in the crowd doing what was then the west-side sign with their fingers, and everybody was like, "Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang," and ever since then, that's stuck in my head, that was one of the best. 

Who are the artists that people tell you sound like?
People sometimes say Gwen Stefani. Now that Nicki Minaj is out sometimes I get that comparison.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music?
Yeah, my guilty pleasure music is the kind of music that Waka Flocka does, the kind you can shake your ass to. That's my guilty pleasure. It gets me pumped. In the morning, I might pop that on so I can get ready for these dogs.

What's the best show you ever played?
It was at a big club in Atlanta called the Compound, and they put together a showcase with all the local artists who come there. It was all people I knew and socialized with in Atlanta, and a lot of local magazines and radio people and producers and other artists, so when I was onstage everybody was showing love. There was good energy.

Who do you think you sound like?
I don't think I sound like anybody, honestly, I just don't think I sound like anybody. The coolest person that I try to sound like is probably Gwen Stefani, so I don't really think I sound like anybody yet.

What's your favorite way to relax?
Meditation in my closet. I'll go in anybody's closet – when it's walk-in it's way better, but I'll just go in a small closet and sit in there and meditate.

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