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Muffy: Atlanta Scenester Sings, Raps, Seeks Inner Peace

by Evan Serpick on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by courtesy of Muffy.

Who: Versatile singer-MC who made her name performing in Atlanta's diversely populated clubs. "You have hipsters drinking PBR and black socialites popping bottles," says Muffy (real name Andrella Muffy Gainer). "Then there's the gay scene – they love music. It's a mixing pot."

Sound: Intense electro-pop jams on which Muffy leaps from persona to persona like Nicki Minaj.
zen diva "My favorite way to relax is meditation in my closet," says Muffy, who is signed with Young Jeezy's former manager. "I'll go in anybody's closet and sit in there and meditate."

Shit Job: Muffy is still bound to her day job, scooping poop at a dog kennel. "I like animals," she says. "But sometimes it's kind of gross."

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