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Mod Sun on Hanging With Wu-Tang and Singing Along to Pink

by Nicole Frehsee on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Adam Elmakias .

Have you had a crappy day job?
No, I’ve actually never had a real job. I was a golf caddy when I was real young, but I fucking loved that, so I can’t say it was shitty.

What’s the best show you’ve ever played?
Probably with Wu-Tang the other night at Epic, a nightclub in Minneapolis, for obvious reasons.

Did you get onstage with them at all?
Yeah, the whole time I was standing behind them onstage, just passing them joints the whole time, no joke.

While they were playing?
Oh yeah, shit, there’s fucking 10 of them, so there’s always someone ready to smoke.

Who are some bands or acts that people say you sound like?
That’s one thing I don’t get a lot, is comparison. I’d say probably in the realm of Gym Class Heroes, Wiz Khalifa, because of the smoke references, and Charles Hamilton, who is a hip-hop artist. I’m definitely not the band type, I don’t have all the full instruments going on behind me, and I’m not the super hip-hop type.

Beatles or Stones?
Rolling Stones guy forever. But even more than that, I’d be a Doors guy, a Jim Morrison guy. I saw the Doors movie before I even heard a song of theirs, because I was so young. My older cousins were watching it once, and I was just fascinated by it, because it was almost like something I wasn’t supposed to watch, because it’s all about tripping and all that. But I was too young to know what’s going on, I just felt weird watching it. So I was always a Doors guy, a Jim Morrison guy.

What kind of vehicle do you use to get to gigs?
I fly a G6 to every show … just a 15-passenger van, straight tour life. I just got a big dirty van that smells like marijuana.

Are you a big partier on the road?
I’m not a big partier, but I’m a big celebrator. I celebrate everywhere I go. If I’m there, I’m definitely making you think that I’m under the influence of alcohol or something, even if I’m not. I’m the kind of guy, I’m bouncing off the walls, I come through the door and it’s nonstop from that moment on.

Do you have any guilty pleasure music?
The radio, man. When Pink comes on, or the new Avril Lavigne single comes on, I sing that shit, I really do – one thing that Dave Siegel taught me when I was working with him is that some people will say, “I hate the radio, I hate what’s on it, I hate everything about it,” and people like Dave Siegel taught me that the radio is a tool. You don’t have to be the person on the radio, but you do use the things that are on the radio to make the person you want to be on the radio. If you want to be a mass-appeal artist, then you need to know what the masses are into right now. So my guilty pleasure would be singing the new Pink song.

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