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Lelia Broussard: Louisiana Native Covers Bruce, Shows Off Her Feisty Side

by David Browne on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Shervin Lainez.

Who: Singer-songwriter who's only 21 but has a lifetime of experience – from growing up with a single mom in Louisiana to hitting New York's folk-club circuit at 15.

Sound: Sweet-voiced pop, jacked with rock riffs and moody keyboard textures. "I'm a singer-songwriter with an indie-rock background," she says. "I don't want to just be a pretty girl with a guitar." 

Cover Girl: Broussard's stripped-to-the-melody covers of "Dancing in the Dark" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" have been viral hits. Of the Springsteen classic, she says, "I wanted to break it down and do it in a different way. It's such a gorgeous song."

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