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Fictionist: Mellow Utah Guys Get Their Pink Floyd On

by Evan Serpick on Feb 14, 2011

. Photo by Matt Clayton.

Who: Laid-back space-rock quintet whose founding members met while studying jazz at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Yes, they're all Mormon, but they try to keep overt religious references out of their songs. "Music is an area in life where there aren't religious things and secular things that separate us," says singer-bassist Stuart Maxfield. "Everybody can go to a concert and enjoy it."

Sound: A blend of psychedelia – heavy on the guitar effects – and peppy indie rock. "Pink Floyd is a big influence for us, that atmospheric rock," says Maxfield. "And Arcade Fire never cease to amaze me."

The Benefits of Prohibition: Maxfield says that living in Provo, a virtually dry town, actually makes the music scene better. "The only way promoters make money is to book bands with regional followings and promote really hard," he says. "Bands work hard too, because there's no money coming from alcohol sales."

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