• 202-456-6173
    April 12, 10:54 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Ever wanted to call up the political affairs office at the White House? A GOP operative recently convicted of voter suppression in New Hampshire in the 2002 election ... | More »

  • Hyping Zarqawi
    April 12, 10:48 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    "The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date." —Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, in an internal 2004 memo praising the propaganda campaign ... | More »

  • Al Gore's Next Campaign
    April 12, 10:46 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Check out the trailer for the Al Gore global warming pic, An Inconvenient Truth. Whoa. That poster is pretty striking too, with the smokestack emissions swirling into ... | More »

  • The "Selective Leak"
    April 12, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The key to the stateside propaganda campaign was, as Casey's Power Point presentation describes it, a "Selective Leak to Dexter Filkins," a reporter at the New Yo... | More »

  • El Pueblo, Unido...
    April 11, 10:43 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    A massive anti-Republican outpouring hit the streets of Texas yesterday. Half a million people shouting, "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote." You'd think this unp... | More »

  • Leaker In Chief
    April 7, 7:04 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    "When The President Does It, That Means It's Not Illegal" —Richard Nixon, defending executive privilege in the 1970s "By definition, the president cannot leak.... | More »

  • What 4th Amendment?
    April 7, 6:52 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    "I'm not going to rule it out." — Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, refusing to assure Congress that the Bush administration won't engage in unwarranted d... | More »

  • How Did This Guy Get the Mike?
    April 7, 6:48 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    This wasn't in the "Town Hall" script. Whoa! | More »

  • The Sorry Truth
    April 7, 6:42 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Staring at a Bush approval of thirty-six percent and a GOP Congressional approval of just thirty percent —a number that reflects the disapproval of 6 in 10 Republica... | More »

  • Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot
    April 6, 6:46 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Tom DeLay accuses Cynthia "Cop-Slapper" McKinney of " incredible arrogance." | More »

  • Universal Free-Market Healthcare
    April 6, 6:46 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    This Massachusetts experiment —which requires citizens to purchase healthcare (on a sliding scale) much as they now have to buy car insurance — is an ugly hodgepod... | More »

  • Reaping the Fruits of Hard Labor
    April 6, 6:45 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Congressman Rohrabacher caught on video: "I say, let the prisoners pick the fruits." Harkin: Dems Need Backbone Transplant Fighting words from a darkhorse 2008 candi... | More »

  • Just Like the Marshall Plan, Only Different
    April 6, 6:40 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The U.S. has now spent as much to prop up and rebuild Iraq as we did during the seven-year reconstruction of Germany in the aftermath of WWII, according to a report by... | More »

  • Fitzmas Time Again?
    April 6, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    President Bush gave Scooter the specific go-ahead to leak classified information from the National Intelligence Estimate to New York Times reporter and useful idiot Ju... | More »

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