• Thirty-Two Percent
    April 25, 3:44 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    CNN puts the president's approval rating at thirty-two percent. Worse: He's got a whopping sixty-percent disapproval. Good news for Democrats: In the poll&... | More »

  • Petrol Politicking
    April 25, 3:42 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Check out the two parties' proposed solutions to sky-high gas prices. Cutting against type, the Democrats are calling for a sixty-day federal gas-tax holiday, bri... | More »

  • Free-for-All
    April 25, 3:34 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Comment away! | More »

  • The New AT&T
    April 25, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Sucks as much as the old SBC. Your friendly neighborhood blogger moved over the weekend. He was promised that his DSL line would go live this morning. And much to his ... | More »

  • Single-Source War
    April 24, 4:45 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The White House's only response to Drumheller's whistle-blowing has been that the Iraqi turncoat was a single source and therefore wasn't reliable. As D... | More »

  • The Big Lie
    April 24, 4:42 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    60 Minutes has blown the lid on the administration's WMD bamboozlement. There can no longer be any doubt: The march to war was a deliberate sham. The CBS report ... | More »

  • Will Censure for Cash
    April 21, 4:24 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    We know Russ Feingold's censure resolution made for great political theatre, but how much was the MoveOn-pleasing gambit worth, in dollar terms? About $175,ooo a... | More »

  • Open Thread, Baby
    April 21, 4:23 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The Bush administration says that medical-marijuana movement is less about chemo patients and more about stoners who want to get high in peace. Which is it America? (B... | More »

  • Inside the Iranian Police State
    April 21, 4:23 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The restrictive dress codes come as little surprise. But a $6,000 fine for watching satellite TV? Two months in jail for walking your dog? Ahmad[man]inejad, why must y... | More »

  • Kay on Iran: Nobody Panic
    April 21, 4:22 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    People don't note that the Iranians have taken longer and achieved less than any other country that attempted clandestinely to produce nuclear weapons. It's ... | More »

  • 4/20
    April 21, 4:16 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    It's surely no accident that the FDA waited until the stoner holiday, 4/20, to release a finding that "no sound scientific studies" support the use of marijuana a... | More »

  • The One-Third President
    April 21, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Bush's approval rating has sunk to a new low. In a Fox News poll, no less. Thirty-three percent. (And just in case you were curious if Fox's polling was som... | More »

  • Gitmo's Guest List
    April 20, 2:42 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The Pentagon has finally released the names of 558 Gitmo prisoners who've passed through the kangaroo court known as the Combatant Status Review Tribunal. The fir... | More »

  • War Costs Explode
    April 20, 2:33 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    From today's WaPo: The U.S. government is now spending nearly $10 billion a month in Iraq and Afghanistan, up from $8.2 billion a year ago, a new Congressional ... | More »

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