• Live From New York: Al Gore's Revival
    May 15, 1:06 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    This is the funniest opening SNL sketch of the'00s. If nothing else, Gore has a future as a co-anchor with Stephen Colbert. | More »

  • Americans Against Spying
    May 15, 1:00 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    A majority of Americans disapprove of the NSA's domestic phone call monitoring, according to a poll by USA Today. More than two-thirds are concerned the program g... | More »

  • Bush Admin Spying on Journos
    May 15, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Glad to see this phone tap program is strictly limited to Al Qaeda. From ABC: A senior federal law enforcement official tells us the government is tracking the phone ... | More »

  • An Open Letter to America (Bcc: Big Brother)
    May 12, 3:15 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    You. Yeah, you out there. How do you feel about having been swept up in the biggest criminal dragnet ever devised? Our phone calls —along with those of as many as 2... | More »

  • Bush Revokes Fourth Amendment
    May 11, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The NSA, having apparently determined that making a phone call is a gateway activity to terrorism, has partnered up with Verizon, AT&T and Bell South to track the dome... | More »

  • Democratic Mojo
    May 10, 5:36 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The Democrats' strategy of Sit-Back-and-Watch-the-GOP-Implode seems to be working out for them. The party has hardly done much to recommend itself lately, but it&... | More »

  • . . . Like a Hole In the Head
    May 10, 5:30 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    "I think Jeb would be a great president.... I would like to see Jeb run." — Dubya, today. | More »

  • 31 Percent: Bush Finally Faces Consequences
    May 10, 5:19 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    George Bush's presidency still hasn't hit rock bottom. If anything, it seems like the floor has collapsed. Bush now rates at 31% approval, matching his fathe... | More »

  • Like Father Like Daughter
    May 10, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Family values Cheney style: Sitting in the studio audience when Edwards mentioned her sexual orientation, [Mary] Cheney said she looked at the vice-presidential candid... | More »

  • The Other Shoe . . .
    May 10, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    . . . is about to drop: This is much bigger and wider than just Randy'Duke' Cunningham. All that has just not come out yet, but it won't be much longer ... | More »

  • Blogroll Nominations
    May 9, 2:00 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    We at National Affairs Daily are proud to anounce the rolling start of our new blogroll. (Scroll down, screen right). I'm interested to hear reader suggestions fo... | More »

  • Like a Teenager With a Credit Card
    May 9, 1:47 PM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    When Bush took office the nation's debt ceiling —Think: The limit on your Master Card —was $5.95 trillion dollars. That's some mad cheddar. But less tha... | More »

  • Guzzle This
    May 9, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    Consumer Reports has a juicy investigation into gas mileage. Read it and you'll know why your 22 mpg SUV gets only 11 mpg in the real world. | More »

  • Silverstein on Hookergate
    May 9, 12:00 AM ET
    | Tim Dickinson

    The incomparable Ken Silverstein (who is now Harper's Washington Editor and the blogger behind the magazine's Washington Babylon) weighs in on hookergate, co... | More »

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